Card-It® Benefits:
Stickiness - instead of having a customer open your correspondence and having your business card drop to the floor, have it secured to the document. Your customer should see your information instead of being inconvenienced by it.

Card-It® Ideas:
Promote your business by giving top billing to your business card - place your card at the top of the page so it stands out.

About Us...

The Card-It punch evolved one day when we were sitting in the office hand cutting die-cuts into outgoing letters to clients. We had decided that all our correspondence (brochures, letterheads, half-sheets, thank you notes) would always have a card sent with them. We hated the look of staples and paper clips and really thought the use of die-cuts would give us a professional edge.

There had to be a better way.

Our research showed us that the only other way to get die-cut slits on our correspondence was through our printer (and their trade die-cutter supplier). No product existed for the consumer to create the cuts at her or his desk.

We sketched, tinkered and tweaked, and Card-It was born. Necessity is truly the 'mother of invention'. Since introducing the Card-It punch we have helped thousands of people professionally attach their business cards.

We will continue to provide an effective solution to business card presentation. Henry Ford wanted a Ford in every driveway ... we want a Card-It punch in every office.

We continue to proudly manufacture our quality product in the U.S.A.