Card-It® Benefits:
Image - Make your business stand out in the professional image you convey to your clients by using Card-It to include your business card in die-cut slits.

Card-It® Ideas:
If you post notices or items on bulleting boards in local businesses, add business cards for prospective clients at the bottom or side of the paper in a cascading fashion so they can be taken.


It's All About Image
It is truly rare that one gets a second chance to make a positive first impression. How your printed materials look to the client or prospect says so very much about you and your company. Image matters to all companies, from Fortune 50 to SOHO's. Care is taken to design the right logo, to choose the best grade of paper, to select the perfect graphics…all to gain favorable notice from the client. Can you imagine creating the 'Mona Lisa' of all presentations and then stapling your business card to her forehead?

With the Card-It punch:

  • the business card is never ruined,
  • the placement of your card doesn’t look as if was added as an after thought,
  • your card will have no staple holes in it and no paper clip dents,
  • the business card will be easily removable,
  • the card will not fall on the floor when an envelope is opened,
  • and, your prospect will be impressed with the professional look of your materials.

Who Needs It?
Anyone who wants a business card presented in the most professional manner will appreciate a Card-It punch. Here’s a sampling of professions that are incorporating our product into their marketing efforts:

Realtor Pharmaceutical Sales
Chiropractor Veterinarian
Purchasing Agent Automobile Sales
Minister Desktop Publisher
Fund Raiser Web Designer
Contracting Officer Business Consultant
Podiatrist Software Engineer
Clinical Research Associate Executive Recruiter
Insurance Agent Financial Adviser
Claims Adjuster Wedding Planner
Court Stenographer Certified Public Accountant
Dean of Admissions Marketing Manager

In short, any person who sends out a business card will appreciate a Card-It punch.