Card-It® Benefits:
Perfect slits for your business card placement, the first time, and each and every time you use it.

Card-It® Ideas:
Add your business card to your portfolio or presentation by die-cutting the interior pocket of your presentation folder.


The Card-It business card punch is designed to flawlessly create die-cut slits for the insertion of a business card. It is light weight, but highly durable, and contains permanent stainless steel blades that never need sharpening.

It is designed to position a business card anywhere on the perimeter of a typical letterhead. It can be used to create die-cuts on light-weight cover stock, brochures, flyers, thank-you cards, catalog sheets, real estate listings, proposals, bid solicitations, contracts, invitations ... the list is endless.

The Card-It punch is simple as 1-2-3 to use
Take a look at how easy it is to maximize your image:
Line it up using the edge guidelines molded into the product. Press down evenly on the surface of the push pad to let the blades slit the paper. Insert the corners of your business card into the newly created slits.
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Simple, effective, professional. Two interesting applications for Card-It are the ability to use gift cards and the ability to use it on UK/European size business cards. In both instances if you put the paper into the punch nice and square and then insert the card (assuming you punch the lower right hand side of the paper), the card goes downhill towards the right. Putting the paper into the punch, slightly askew by about ¼”, reorients the slits and allows the cards to align square with the paper. See the difference by reviewing the video below.